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Lightning Baccarat • live stats tracker

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⚠️ Unfortunately, currently, we can only offer you the Lightning Baccarat video. Nevertheless, rest assured that we are actively working on providing a live stream of Lightning Baccarat in the coming days.

Lightning Baccarat last results

ℹ️ The round history is refreshed when Lightning Baccarat round ends. You can check the results of the last 60 rounds below.

Lightning Baccarat live statistics

ℹ️ When a round ends, statistics are updated below. The higher the percentage in brackets, the lower the chance of a particular outcome occurring. Conversely, if the percentage is in the negative sector, the chances of that outcome happening are higher.

Lightning Baccarat latest best multipliers

ℹ️ When a player attains a significant multiplier in the main game or obtains the 'lightning multiplier,' the most recent one will be shown below.

Lightning Baccarat big wins history

ℹ️ Here are today's outstanding individual major wins in Lightning Baccarat.

Lightning Baccarat game review

Table of contents

  1. What is Lightning Baccarat?
  2. How to play Lightning Baccarat?
  3. Optimal strategy to play Lightning Baccarat
  4. Lightning Baccarat tips and tricks
  5. How to win in Lightning Baccarat?

What is Lightning Baccarat?

Lightning Baccarat is another amazing game in the Lightning line of live games from Evolution Gaming that offers an exciting new take on classic baccarat. Introduced in 2020 at ICE, this high-quality live game provides you with traditional hand-guessing gameplay to get as close as possible to the number 9. However, unlike traditional baccarat, after the betting time expires, five random cards receive a random multiplier.

Lightning Baccarat is available to play 24/7 on all devices: computers, tablets, and phones, just like other high-quality games from Evolution. During the game, you are always accompanied by a live dealer to whom you can ask questions in a live chat or simply communicate with other players.

Lightning Baccarat main game 1

How to play Lightning Baccarat?

The game begins with you choosing which hand to bet on: the banker or the player; an additional option for betting on a draw is also available. Moreover, you can bet on multiple players or bankers simultaneously, depending on your playing style and preferences.

Before placing bets, you can always use the live statistics on our website to make better decisions based on past rounds. When the betting time ends, a lightning multiplier fee of 20% is added to your total bet.

Afterward, the most crucial moment in the game begins, namely pulling out 5 cards from the deck, for which a random multiplier will be generated from x2 to x8. When combined with multiple matching cards, you have the potential to receive a total multiplier of x512, making Lightning Baccarat a unique live game in the industry.

Once the multipliers are generated, the live dealer initiates the classic baccarat phase, during which you will find out if any of the hands turn out to be a Lightning card.

Lightning Baccarat main game 2

Optimal strategy to play Lightning Baccarat

Before discussing the optimal strategy of the game, let's take a closer look at the card values. Cards with numerical values from 2 to 9 retain their nominal value, while kings, queens, jacks, and tens bring 0 points, just like in classic baccarat. If any hand exceeds the value of 9, the total will be adjusted by subtracting 10.

Now, let's explore the odds and payouts below

Main Bets:
Player 1-512:1
Banker 1-512:1
Tie 5-1,310, 720:1
Side Bets:
Player Pair 9-576:1
Banker Pair 9-576:1
RTP Percentage:
Player 98.76%
Banker 98.59%
Tie 94.51%
Player Pair 88.35%
Banker Pair 88.35%

Before choosing the optimal game strategy, always remember that none of them guarantees you a win, and all events that occur in a game round are random. Despite this, you can use live statistics and results from past rounds to determine the likelihood of obtaining certain results in future rounds.

In Lightning Baccarat, there is no bonus game, so there's no hunt for special bonuses, as you might find in other games like Crazy Time or Monopoly Live from Evolution.

A strategy based on probability suggests that a lightning card can be expected approximately every 2-3 game rounds. These numbers are based on the likelihood of getting a lightning card when dealt. For one card, you have a 1 in 52 chance, for two cards it's 1 in 26, three cards give you a 1 in 17 chance, and with four cards, your chances increase to 1 in 13.

Lightning Baccarat tips and tricks

Let's highlight a few tricks that may be useful to you in the game Lightning Baccarat:

Lightning Baccarat main game 3

How to win in Lightning Baccarat?

To succeed in Lightning Baccarat, remember that it's a highly engaging game, and responsible bankroll management is key. Maintain your composure, immerse yourself in the live chat with dealers and fellow players, savor the live stream experience, and leverage live statistics when placing bets. May luck forever be in your favor, and enjoy every moment!

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